Website Monitoring

You have commissioned Build My Website Ltd to build your new site. They have done a great job, aesthetically pleasing, technically accurate, with lots of useful client information and widgets for booking appointments, chat and more.

You are very happy.

But, some time after it goes live you start to discover that your lovely, shiny new sales and marketing tool is not getting the traffic you had hoped for. What could be the problem? You did the market research, ensured you are targetting the right segments but it is not generating many sales.

Well, in many cases this can be technical errors but it can also be your viewers just cannot see your messages. Or maybe your message is taking too long to arrive.

The problem is that you don’t have time to check the site is up and running as you expect. Well, perhaps you can check it once a week or once a month. And you do update the pages frequently with new blog posts, product updates and news.

Actually, you need to be checking every day, many times a day. I recently helped a practice who’s site was going down every hour for between 5 and 50 minutes. They had no idea. If we had not been monitoring we would never know.

HOT MONitor is our new tool for monitoring websites on a regular basis, once a minute. We can see almost instantly when the site goes down and send alerts to your key personnel.

This way you can get on to your hosting provider or your technical support team to get them started on fixing the problem right away. Oh, you thought they did all this monitoring? Rarely, I would suggest.

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