Online Appointment Booking

Have you seen the latest appointment booking at your car dealer, your dentist, your GP, your hotel, your everything?

You have, hmm. So, why do you not have an online booking system for your veterinary services. Could it be inertia, lack of knowledge, fear of the unknown, negative employee feedback, change resistance or many other reasons.

First, I would suggest you identify really why you don’t want an online booking system – there may well be a very good reason why you would not want such a system. But, I suspect that very few veterinary practices would argue that none of their clients would use it. The reality is that every woman, dog and man is using such a systemt and they really don’t understand why they have to ring up, go through the menu, eventually get a receptionist and then debate when the booking should be. They just want to book it now and know it won’t take more than a minute.

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