Online Appointment Booking

Have you seen the latest appointment booking at your car dealer, your dentist, your GP, your hotel, your everything?

You have, hmm. So, why do you not have an online booking system for your veterinary services. Could it be inertia, lack of knowledge, fear of the unknown, negative employee feedback, change resistance or many other reasons.

First, I would suggest you identify really why you don’t want an online booking system – there may well be a very good reason why you would not want such a system. But, I suspect that very few veterinary practices would argue that none of their clients would use it. The reality is that every woman, dog and man is using such a systemt and they really don’t understand why they have to ring up, go through the menu, eventually get a receptionist and then debate when the booking should be. They just want to book it now and know it won’t take more than a minute.

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GDPR – Why GDPR Is A Godsend To The Marketeer…

GDPR is often regarded as a pain in the backside. But look at the reality.

The UK along with Europe in general introduced GDPR rules as a way to protect email users from unsolicited email. No doubt we all support these rules; but we should also embrace the change as a useful tool to find out more about our clients.

Your annual GDPR email is now an excepted communication and hence most clients, whilst like you they find GDPR a pain, they also accept that the ‘law’ is the law and that your business has to comply.
You should not only explain your privacy policy and ask their about their communication preferences, SMS, phone, email, snail mail etc. but also useful demographics such as (but not limited to):
  • favourite pet species
  • favourite breed
  • what food they use
  • what toys their pets like
  • the client’s date of birth – many will give it
  • their favourite colour
  • do they have family members who also have pets
  • how often do they take pets to the groomers
  • do they have birthday parties for pets
  • do they order pet products on;ine
  • if you offered online click and collect would they be interested
  • do they take someof their pets to another vet as well as you

Obviously, you don’t want to ask things you already know or ask too many thinks at once.

You can build this up gradually. If your PMS cannot support all this. Mailchimp and others can.

The cost of utilising this approach, not limited to GDPR of course, is relatively low. There is some pain along the way not least because PMS suppliers don’t seem to be very helpful (I’m sure there are exceptions) at getting information out of your database, in which case find a new one. Remember, the most important aspect of your PMS is to be able to sell more to clients, you can keep patient notes on record cards if necessary, but you can’t make your business grow that way.

Used wisely the GDPR is an intro clients won’t complain about and can deliver a lot of insight. You do then of course need to segment your client base and send appropriate messages as a followup to sell more stuff – which is very important for your patients, clients, staff and your business!