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 Hot Business Support – Taking Care of You

We know how important support is for software and IT. When there’s a problem, it needs to be resolved yesterday. That’s why we’ve created a support process that responds to your needs quickly and effectively. Our target is to respond to your query within 4 hours during office hours. But what does this really mean? Well, during office hours we always have access to email and phones. Out of office hours we always have access to phones, and some of the time access to email. If you have an urgent query outside office hours do call us on the phone – 07771 573762 – or send a text message. When we get a message or a call we will do our best to respond immediately and at worst during the next 4 business hours.

All Our Hot Business Products are primarily supported remotely (though visits to site are feasible). This is designed to keep costs to you to a minimum. Generally, support will be  is via the telephone and/or remote connection to your computer or laptop. Some of the Hot Business Products are hosted online which means that, usually, an error or problem that you encounter can be replicated on our systems, so hopefully often we can correct those without needing to use up your valuable time.

When we do need to provide support with a remote connection the product we currently use is called Teamviewer, some information relating to this is provided below.

 Remote Access via Teamviewer
We provide ‘on-screen’ support and product demonstrations using Teamviewer remote access software. This software allows our engineers to ‘drive’ your computer and see your desktop, but only if explicitly invited to do so on each occasion.

 How it Works
You install the Teamviewer program on your computer, you then run the Teamviewer and it will give you a unique ID and password which you can give to our engineer to allow him to see your computer screen. Once a session is finished it cannot be re-established without you running Teamviewer again and giving the engineer the new ID number and new password.

Go to and click on the large green Download button. Follow the installation instructions and choose the non-commercial and default options. When installation is finished it will run and provide you with an ID and password – give these to the engineer by phone or email and simply leave the window open.

The engineer will now be able to talk to you on the phone and use your computer with you to demonstrate software or resolve any problems.

It is always best to send us an email with as much info as possible, including screen prints if you can.