Hot Comms

Hot Comms – Introduction

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The most important thing we do each day is communicate, with our staff, partners, clients, suppliers, families etc.

The most common business complaint is, or is caused by, poor communication. Why do we let ourselves down, time after time? Actually, because it is quite a tricky job getting everyone on the same page, with just the right level of customer focus and with the right level of professional advice that helps ensure appropriate levels of patient care. And no I haven’t forgotten the business imperative – great patient and client care is good business sense.

It is all very well telling people what you want, but it turns out you need to tell them and tell them and tell them again. Part of the issue is that people cannot remember everything; they need help and it is a learning process.

But, you can make it very much easier for everyone to keep up to date by using Hot Comms.

Hot Comms is a solution that will help you improve team communication and knowledge, enable staff to help themselves, give you more feedback and reduce the number of communication complaints and ultimately increase revenue and reduce costs.


 Want to get your practice running like clockwork?

  • Remove internal staff communication frustrations
  • Have everyone on the same ‘hymn sheet’
  • Achieve total consistency of compliance updates and training
  • Manage team briefings with Management Tracking


Sounds Impossible?

 Hot Comms delivers all of this and a whole lot more

Developed by vets for vets, this simple to use online web software takes away the frustration of problems caused by inconsistent internal communications and helps you achieve greater efficiency and colleague motivation. ultimately achieve a happy, productive team and genuinely delighted customers.

Hot Comms will help if you have ever:

  • Wasted precious time repeating or clarifying information?
  • Had to chase for essential document copies and updates?
  • Found the paper copy you have is out of date?
  • Heard one of your colleagues giving out wrong information because they were working from old rules instead of the latest ones?
  • Wanted to quickly and easily develop protocols working with the whole team?
  • Needed a calendar that shows all the practice events which can be seen and updated by the whole team?
  • Wanted a communication trail on a team by team basis?
  • Needed to be sure that everyone has read the Health and Safety policy?


 How Hot Comms Benefits Your Bottom line

Measuring the cost of poor internal communications isn’t always easy.  Needless to say, the wasted time, effort and energy in repeating explanations, re-issuing and circulating documents is valuable – and often significant.  Each Practice is different and the savings and benefits to each Practice will be different also.  However, based on the increased efficiency of the Practices using Hot Comms and the favourable feedback received, we know that there is a financial saving to be made.


 How Hot Comms Improves Revenue and Redcues Costs

Clients provide revenue, anything you can do to delight your clients increases revenue. Here are some examples of how improved internal communications can delight your clients or reduce your costs:

  • A new member of staff has just started in your reception team, they have come from another practice who have different policies and protocols. Your clients know full well who the new people are and will test them out. But your new member of staff has read your reception manual and the protocols on basic wellness (you know, vaccinations, worms, fleas, health checks etc.) and its only day one. They already know the basic rules of your business – because they read the protocols online, via Hot Comms, before they started their first day – they can’t be fooled by your smart clients. And here’s the double whammy, because they have already read the information on line, they are not asking your other team members (or you) for that basic information, making everyone more efficient.
  • And, on the second day, they have forgotten something. But they already know about your great internal communication and information system, Hot Comms. So, they quickly do a search in Hot Comms to find the information they expect will be there, and in 2 minutes they have revised, and re-trained themselves without you even knowing. Hot Comms helps you generate more income because your staff can get on with what they do best, looking after your clients and patients!
  • You undertake a number of specific procedures, perhaps at a higher level, but which are not done every day. Your theatre nurse has been off for a couple of weeks and needs a refresher on just what is included. But rather than wasting the surgeon’s time, she checks the protocols on Hot Comms, finds the protocol for the scheduled procedure to remind herself of the specifics she needs to prepare. Time taken, two or three minutes. Time saved finding the right vet, explaining what she needs and getting that feedback – who knows – she also appears to everyone as though she is right on the ball, which she is, because you provided the right communication solution.
  • Your health and safety protocol recently changed following an inspection. Most things were fine but one or two areas needed tightening up. One thing is for sure you need to make sure everyone reads the updates. You (or the responsible person) updates the information on your Hot Comms site and issues a memo to everyone reminding them of the need to read the latest, and to complete the comments section to show they have read the updates. Three weeks later you check to see who hasn’t yet read the new information. Most have, but there are two laggards. Following a quick reminder from you they have read the updates and made their comments – now you can rest assured that everyone is up to date.
  • At the team meeting yesterday your senior administrator let everyone know about the changes in banking procedures. There was an important change to the process for depositing cash at the bank, which was queried by those at the tmeeting. But, as is often the case, not everyone was there. The minutes were recorded and Hot Comms was updated. Some members of staff needed to know these changes urgently so your administrator sent out an email to the relevant people who were then able to login to Hot Comms, find the updates and read the new banking procedure. The following day everyone was already up to speed and the banking was completed as normal, without a hitch.
  • A new drug, Fleabit, has just been launched. You have decided that Fleabit really is the best Flea prevention and you want to recommend it to your clients as soon as possible. However, because you have an existing protocol in place you need to revise the policy and make sure all the vets are on board. So, you start by adding a new forum topic and add the amended protocol, and ask all your vets to comment on the protocol. They spend a few days reviewing your new protocol until you are happy that you have a complete set of views and amendments. Then you issue the final protocol and announce that to the team. All done within Hot Comms where everyone can see the same information at any time. And when your client’s ask why you have changed products, everyone answer in the same way.