Alongside email and social communication, your most important online asset is probably your website.

How important depends on how much you curate the site, keeping it up to date with new material like blog posts and relevant information for your clients.

But the effort and money you put into your website can be wasted in an instant if the client, or potential client, cannot get to your site.

Clients can be thwarted at the last hurdle – they go to your site and find it is unavailable!

This is where Hot MON gives you the edge.

Monitoring – Hot MON monitors your site every minute and lets you know when your site goes down.

Additional monitoring can be requested for:

  • SSL CertificatesSSL certificates are what enable websites to move from HTTP to HTTPS, which is more secure. An SSL certificate is a data file hosted in a website’s origin server. SSL certificates make SSL/TLS encryption possible, and they contain the website’s public key and the website’s identity, along with related information. Devices attempting to communicate with the origin server will reference this file to obtain the public key and verify the server’s identity. The private key is kept secret and secure.

  • Domain expiration alert

    Whether it’s GoDaddy or another service who let you register a domain name, they charge you a yearly fee for owning that domain. If you don’t pay the yearly fee for your domain name, it expires, and that means it will no longer link to your website or your email. Worse, someone ELSE could permanently take it over. Think about it, your competitor could take over your web domain. It happens a lot more often that you would think.
    It’s tempting to think that your domain wouldn’t appeal to very many other people. Who would want to steal “” anyway? And so you let it expire… So what? Who wants that? You’d be surprised! Cyber squatters are more than happy to pounce on your domain, posting their own content, until you cough up an exorbitant fee to reclaim it.

  • Domain blacklist monitoringA blacklist is a list of blocked domains, email addresses or IP addresses. When a website gets on one of these lists, users can no longer access the site directly and servers that use these blacklists will block emails from the domain.

  • Page speed monitoringSlow loading time for a page can put your clients off. It is therefore a good idea to know how fast your pages load. Half a second or less is desirable but many pages are much slower.Page speed monitoring allows you to see how fast your pagesload .

Reporting – Hot MON generates online reports for you to consult whenever you wish, perhaps each Monday. The report shows up-time and page speed. The report can be copied to your hosting provider or technical support and can be used as a comparison to your Service Level Agreement.

The Page Load Time history shows the time it took to load the page in seconds The normal target should be approximately 0.5 seconds.
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Uptime History Data shows the time that the site went down, came up and the duration of uptime and downtime.
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Email – Hot MON sends an email to your admin email address whenever your website goes down or comes up. This gives you the opportunity to get your site fixed quickly and hopefully before your clients see a problem.

HOT MON is a subscription service. At just £9.50 per month we think this is great value – if it saves you one client per year you have more than repaid the investment.

The fee is reduced to £95 per year if paid annually in advance.

If you have multiple websites please contact us for a quote. Contact detals below.