Hot Rota

 Hot Rota – Introduction 

Without doubt, scheduling is tough. People hate it when you give them a late, or a weekend, or an early start. Largely, they don’t mind working from 11 am until lunchtime, but that is about it!

And all those spreadsheets, different versions for each team, copies for last month, this month and next month. It is a real pain.

Whilst your scheduling system can’t sort out the staff issues, it should really make light work of managing the schedule? Does your scheduling tool make it easy? No, then you need Hot Rota.

 Key Benefits

  • No spreadsheets – because Hot Rota is managed on-line, your updates and changes are instantly availble to all your staff.
  • No spreadsheets – multiple rotas are available so there is no need to copy spreadsheets from one month to the next.
  • No spreadsheets – no more formatting errors or other inherent spreadsheet problems.
  • Master rotas – multiple master rotas can be created and tested before publishing.
  • One-click publishing – when you are ready to publish a master you simply set the target-date and one click later everyone can see your new schedule.
  • Each Friday your staff are notified of their schedule for the following week – no excuses for ‘forgetting’ or ‘nobody told me’.
  • Instant updates notifications – if you make a change to a published rota an email is sent to the affected people.
  • Easy to read – colour codes make it easy to spot who is responsible for which activity.
  • Flexible – each rota can have a team defined number of weeks in the schedule
  • Holidays are visible within the published rota.


Hot Rota requires Hot Team and requires no additional installation.


This is provided as one-to-one remote demonstration using TeamViewer. See our support page for installing TeamViewer on your PC or laptop.