Hot SiteUp

Hot SiteUp – Introduction

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Alongside email and social communication, your most important online asset is probably your website.

How important depends on how much you curate the site, keeping it up to date with new material like blog posts and relevant information for your clients.

But the effort and money you put into your website can be wasted in an instant if the client, or potential client, cannot get to your site. Assuming you have made at least some effort in marketing the site the chances are that searche engines will find it, no problem.

But clients can still be thwarted at the last hurdle – they go to your site and find it is unavailable.

This is where Hot Siteup gives you the edge.

 Hot SiteUp – Making Sure Your Clients Can See You

Hot SiteUp monitors your site availabilty 24 / 7 and lets you know when your site goes down.

Here is a typical message that Hot SiteUp gives you when your site goes down: