Hot Team CPD Management

Continuous Professional Development – Management

CPD is a requirement. Proper management of the process is is essential. CPD planning for each member of staff can help bond staff to your business and boost morale because they can see career development – who doesn’t want that.
Benefits for your organisation…

  • Visibility of training plans for you and your team – all training is visible to the whole team
  • Helps to align training with business goals – requests for courses include a ‘business benefit’ statement
  • Manage training in line with your budgets – training costs are compared to budgets
  • Identify good courses, and those to avoid – course and accomodation feedback is recorded
  • Learning outcomes are available to all staff not just the person who attended the course – recorded in feedback
  • Improved morale and staff bonding – a plan and real outcomes are a great psychological benefit

CPD Management Page

The CPD management module comprises 6 main elements described below.

My CPD Plan

Every member of staff can have a CPD plan. The plan is a simple text document which is written by a member of staff, hopefully in conjunction with support from a manager.

The manager’s notes can be added in the bottom section.

Only a staff member can update their own plan.

Only a manager can update the Manager notes.

To edit Manager Notes the manager will login, go to the My CPD Plan tab, select a member of staff from the drop-down list, this will display the current plan and manager notes for the chosen user. The Manager Notes can then be edited and updated.

Whenever the Plan or the Manager Notes are changed an email of the changes is emailed to the member of staff and the manager(s).

Find A Course

This tab simply shows a list of resources where anyone can seach for appropriate courses. Each link can be clicked and will open in a new tab or window.

When a course has been found simply copy the link to the course and paste it into the Web Link field on the next tab.

Request A Course

When you areready to request a course (we use the word Request because there is no guarantee that a manager will automatically approve a course) and if you have a web link to the course, paste the link into the Web Link field.

Then just complete the rest of the course details and click Request My Course.

List Courses

Once a course has been requested it appears in the list of courses, most recently updated at the top.

From here you can edit a request (if you own it) or Approve it or Complete it – if you are a manager.

Approving a course is effectively saying that the course can be booked for real along with assoicated accomodation etc. Completing a course marks that course as complete and no further changes can be made to the course, its details or the feedback. It is important that feedback is written-up before completing the course.

Selecting a course from the list updates the Course Feedback tab so that all members of staff can read and learn from the feedback.

Course Feedback

Feedback is essential for other members of staff who a) want to learn more about the subject or b) want to book the same course. Its is also useful for managers to see how usefull the course was for the member of staff who participated.

Managers should ensure that all feedback is updated before completing a course. Once a course is completed the details and feedback can no longer be edited.


All managers will want to plan their expenditure on CPD and to know how much of that budget has been spent. The budgets are created as follows:

The Company or organisational budget is the sum of all the Team budgets.

The Team budgets are set on the Team record under Managers \ Teams.

Staff budgets are set on the personnel record of each member of staff. Only Administrators have access to personnel records. See Managers \ Users to edit these records. In the staff record set a Financial and a Time (hours) budget. For vets and nurses the time budget should be at least 35 hours and 21 hours respectively, to meet RCVS requirements.

The actual completed costs and hours are derived from each of the courses requested, approved and completed. In fact, the actual values are not included until the course is completed.

The budget data is updated whenever a course is selected from the course list. For managers this will then show the staff and team budgets/actuals for the record selected in the list. For other staff they will only see their perosnal and team budgets/actuals, regardless of which course is selected.