Hot Team Document Tracking

Document Tracking

We often want to know who, and when, has read important documents. These might be manuals, protocols, procedures or courses on safe lifting, health and safety, fire extinguishers etc etc.


And we need to record when this has been done so that, in the event of an accident, we can show to the relevant authorities that we have discharged our obligations appropriately.

Of course, you can put all this in a spreadsheet, your day book or on a form you keep in the drawer. But these methods are always easy to compromise or in the worst case disputes can arise.

A more secure, auditable, specific and simple to produce cast iron evidence is needed; as well as being able to focus in on those who have not done what is required.

Here is how to do this in Hot Team.

First, every user has access to the DayBook to record things that happen in their daily lives at work – or even at home. It is private, even administrators cannot see what staff may have written. There is also a new feature which allows staff to mark the DayBook entry as being a Status Update. A status might be something like ‘I have read the HSE manual’. For the purposes of this exercise let us assume that all staff must read the 2016 version of the HSE manual. They all have access to it either in print or online somewhere.

When they have read the manual they add a new DayBook entry with the following text: ‘Status update 2016-012 read the HSE manual’ and tick the Status Update button. You would request all members of staff to read the manual and add this status update.

Administrators can then go to the Reports and choose Staff Details \ Status History. In the search put 2016-012 and click the search button. This will then show every status update with that code – thereby you have a list of people who have read the manual.

This applies to any status update you ask people to add.