Hot Team Getting Started

Hot Team – Getting Started

Is Hot Team for you? If you run a business or manage teams and want to save money, yes!

If you manage teams of people then chances are you will get great benefits from the use of Hot Team in terms of improved control, easier recording and reporting and hence saving money.

How Does It Work

Hot Team is an online, software as a service (SaaS), solution for managing many aspects of your business. It employs widely used Microsoft technologies such as VBscript, ASP and SQL Server along with a variety of open source technologies such as JQuery, JQuery plugins, and other web components.

To access the software you simply open a ‘modern’ web browser point the address to your implementation of Hot Team and login.

The Banner And Menu

The primary location for controlling your session with the software is contained in the Banner and the Main Menu.


Working from left to right in the Banner:

  • Your company name or site name – click to go to the home page
  • Your picture or avatar, if you are logged in
  • Your name – click and it opens your account details
  • Statistics icon – click to open a popup window with your work and holiday statistics
  • Practice Calendar icon – click to go to the calendar
  • Kaizen icon – click to go to Continuous Improvement
  • Facilities icon – click to go to Facilities Management
  • Clock icon – click to show/hide the mini clocking on/off form immediately below the banner
  • A login or logout button
  • The current time
  • The help button – click for help

Below the Banner is the Main Menu. Here you will find things like the Home Page, Timesheets, Holidays, Rotas, DayBook and more.
The menu is sensitive to your role and will display appropriate links for you.