Hot Team Practice Events

Hot Team – Practice Events


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Practice Events are calendar events that have some special features that would not be possible using Google or other calendar systems.

Some benefits of Practice Events are:

  • Events can be created by anyone
  • Events can be marked as public, which enables all authenticated users to see those events, otherwise they remain private
  • Administrators can create events that will prevent holiday being booked on that date – e.g. for practice meetings
  • The calendar shows private events, i.e. those ‘owned’ by the current user, plus private events
  • The calendar also shows holidays and scheduled shifts for the current user
  • So, each user has a complete view of their work related activities plus private activities, all in one place
  • When creating events, you can invite other members of staff, they can also RSVP
  • Upcoming events, private and public, are show at the bottom of the Holiday Planner

New features associated with Practice Events will be considered as they are requested.


Use the Month / Week / Day buttons to choose your preferred view.

Use the < and > arrows to move up or down the months/weeks/days of the calendar.

Use the Today button to focus directly on Today.

Editing Practice Events

Click the Calendar icon on the top bar.

To add a new event, click on the appropriate day.

To edit an existing event, click on the appropriate event.


You can invite individual members of staff, a teams or the whole practice.

To invite a member of staff, add their username in the Invite box. Multiple people can be separated wih a comma.

To invite a team, put t/teamname in the Invite box e.g. t/nurses. Multiple teams can be separated with a comma.

To invite all staff, put a/ in the Invite box.


When you invite someone the invitation is sent to them by email. They can confirm or decline using the links in the email.

Event Colours

Events are marked with colours to assist comprehension.

  • Red events are events which prevent holidays being booked on the same day – use this feature sparingly!
  • Blue borders indicate Public events.
  • Events with a yellow background are scheduled shifts.
  • Events with a grey background are all day events and have no start time.
  • Holidays and other planned absences are coded with a green background.