Hot Team Rota Management

Hot Team – Rota Management

Hot Rota provides a semi-automatic scheduling facility, integrated within Hot Team, that can be managed online 24 hours a day and which is immediately available to all staff when they logon to Hot Team. The Rota is colour coded to make it easy to spot who is doing what. Shifts (also variously noted as Tasks or Events) can be added on a per member of staff basis or on a per shift basis – the latter will automatically choose the most suitable person.

Master Rotas can be used as the basis for new ‘Live Rotas’ – there is no limit to the number of Master Rotas. Master Rotas can be ‘de activated’ when they are no longer relevant and are Published whenever you choose.

Live Rotas can be edited in situ. Changes to the Live Rota are emailed to staff on demand or on a scheduled basis.

Regardless of whether the Live Rota has been published, an email of next weeks Shifts are emailed staff each Friday morning.

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