Hot Team Rota Roles

Hot Team – Rota Roles

Teams are described in the Hot Team Documentation here. However, there is one team that has to exist which is ‘AllTeams’. This is important for Hot Rota because there are two Roles (perhaps more in the future) that do actually apply to all teams – Holiday and Off_Rota.

Roles are team specific, i.e. each team can have one or more roles. For instance Vets might have Roles such as Consulting or Operating; Nurses might have Roles such as Kennels or Dental.

Before a Rota can be created for these Roles, they have to be created against each team.

To create new Roles go to Rota\Maintain Roles and then click the Add New Role link. Choose a Team and enter a new Role name and click Add Role. This add a new Role for that Team which has a background colour of white and a text colour of black. To change the colours just click on the Edit button next to the Swatch in the Rota\Maintain Roles page.