Hot Team Timesheets


Timesheet recording is very similar to holiday booking, except there is a little more data required.

Each timesheet record has:

  • A date
  • Start and finish times
  • An activity code – e.g. if you are sick you can record this in you timesheets
  • A Pay Rate which you choose when recording your time. The pay rates you should use will be given to you by your manager.
  • And comments – your local company rules will give you guidance on when to use comments

Recording a Timesheet Record

  • From the menu choose Add Timesheet
  • Fill in the data as required
  • Click the Add My Time button


If you need to record overtime, enter your timesheet information and use the ‘Time Code’ determined by your manager. If you are entering timesheet information for a specific day where you have done ‘ordinary time’ and ‘overtime’ you will need to record two timesheet records, one for each pay rate.

Deleting a Timesheet Record

  • From the menu choose Add Timesheet
  • find the record you wsh to delete
  • Click the Delete button on the right