Hot Team

 Hot Team – Introduction…

Teamwork is an essential part of every business, especially when your rely on other team members to book work in, prepare equipment and make a sale. But senior management must make sure the work is done, that people are available when necessary, that the team gets paid and looked after, that holidays get taken and a whole slew of other team and staff related activities are kept under control.

Hot Team takes the pressure off management by providing systems to record and report on a variety of people related events and issues – from timekeeping to holidays and staff performance to accident management.

As on on-line service, Hot Team is available to all your staff in a secure and safe environment, wherever they are and at whatever time of day or night.

 Your on a winner with Hot Team…

  • Save time for you and your staff.
  • Accurate time recording.
  • Accurate salary payments to staff.
  • Know accurately how much holiday is left for each member of staff.
  • Centralised recording of important staff events e.g. praise or reprimands.
  • Graphical reports can be printed
  • Table based reports can be printed and/or exported as CSV files


  • Complete timesheets online, anywhere, anytime – at your convenience.
  • Allows different location and work types.
  • Handles sick, courses, CPD and unpaid leave.
  • Includes overtime in a single record.
  • Managers approve overtime with a single click.
  • Office admins access a period summary with totals ready for payroll.
  • Integration with Hot Rota – see below right.
  • Payroll users can see total hours and pay calculations
  • Payroll can be actioned by third party payroll processors like accountants


  • Secure holiday booking wherever you are – really usefull when you are at home booking a holiday away.
  • See who else is off when you want to go on holiday.
  • Managers can approve holiday with one click, directly on the planner.
  • Allows booking of CPD and unpaid leave.
  • Allows booking whole or half (am or pm) days.
  • Personal statistics available all the time.
  • Holiday statistics calculated in hours or days.
  • View individual staff statistics at any time.


  • Roles for each team
  • Master rotas for each team
  • Easily spot rota clashes with holidays
  • Personal rota emailed to each member of staff every Friday for the following week
  • Totals of hours and lates calculated automatically
  • Auto staff allocation
  • Locums can be created for each team
  • Rota view by Staff or Role
  • See more here: read more

 Clocking On/Off

  • Secure clocking on/off with a single click.
  • Handles multiple locations.
  • Prevents clocking when not on site.
  • Integrates with Hot Team.
  • Clocking times shown against timesheet records as a double check.
  • View reports of who is in now – great for staff list in an emergency.
  • See who is in when you are in a different location.


Record staff expenses including hotels, meals, drinks, fuel, mileage, destinations, additonal notes, and a duty of care statement.

Expenses can then be approved and paid via payroll or similar.

 Facilities Management

Facilities management is an important part of running any business with assets such as buildings, services, complex equipment, certification, health and safety, vehicles, aneasthetic monitoring and much more.

Our FM solution provides all you need to make sure everything is under control and actioned in a timely manner. With email notifications to responsible staff and managers all activities are highlighted before they need doing and when they are overdue.

The traffic light system allows a quick and simple overview of the current status in each area of the business.

Updating tasks and acitivies is just a click away.

 CPD / Training Management

With the RCVS requirements for ensuring CPD is completed and members of staff who want to improve their skill sets, there has never been greater pressure on practice management to ensure that CPD is provided in line with requirements and within budgets.

The CPD management solution covers the ground with functionality such as:

  • Personal CPD plans and management notes
  • Help with finding courses
  • The ability to request and approve training courses of any type
  • Recording the purpose and benefits of each specific training request and after training is completed the appropriate course feedback and learning outcomes
  • Find courses that have been previously requested/completed and review course feedback
  • Monitor budgets against individual staff, teams and the companye as a whole

 Performance Management

Staff performance management is difficult at the best of times, especially when there are many ‘areas for development’.  The performance management solution enables any number of goals for each mmber of staff and the ability to score each goal at a frequency determined by your business. Each score is recorded for posterity and the historical scores for each activity can be reviewed at the click of a button.

The PM solution provides:

  • Any number of goals per member of staff
  • The ability to create groups of goals as ‘templates’ which can be applied to staff with similar roles – plus individual goals
  • Scoring of each goal at any frequency
  • Historical review of scores
  • Totaling of current scores to give an overal percentage of maximum scores – i.e. how close the employee is to achieving the ‘normal’ or ‘as expected’ standard
  • Any number of score levels is allowed
  • Record next action and due dates where necessary

 Continuous Improvement

A ‘no change’ business is static and since other businesses are going forwards, the ‘no change here’ mentality is effectively ‘going backwards’ . The best source of inspiration and new ideas is your staff. It is essential to capture their, and your, ideas, allocate to someone to investigate/implement and bask in the knowledge your business is growing in the right direction. If this already happens in your business, fantastic. If not, the CI solution can help with:

  • Recording new improvement ideas
  • Identify benefits to pets, clients, staff, the businss and more
  • Identify costs
  • Approve the investment for this improvement
  • Allocate staff to manage the change
  • Review progress and show improvements at various states of progression

 Issue Management (Complaints)

  • All users can create new and see all issues
  • Staff can be allocated to develop issue resolutions
  • Managers control issue updates
  • All staff can see the resolutions
  • Issues are staged via a status
  • Issues can be categorised by type


Support is just an email or phonecall away. Out job is to satisfy your need for staff and team management. If you need something new, just ask. Chances are that someone else wants the same thing. It is likely that in most cases, there will be no charge for developing your new idea, unless it is something way off line – I don’t imagine I will be developing a bee-keeping module any time soon! Though… who knows.


  • Passwords are not held in plain text which makes it more difficult for a hacker to access secure information.
  • Please make sure you and your staff use complex passwords.
  • Access to functionality controlled by user roles
  • Backups are taken every night.